without having to reinvent the wheel every time.

Most online entrepreneurs are pretty good at helping others.  

They know how to help their clients like experts (because that's what they are!). But with the other two? Forget about it! 

When you're so focused on helping clients, it's easy to forget about finding new ones or selling your online products. Which leads to not making money. 

And when you manage to focus on helping clients AND making money, it's hard to not go a little mad. (Well, madder than we already are for becoming entrepreneurs!) 

But it doesn't have to be hard! There's something that can help you serve your clients, make more money, and feel awesome. 


Before you roll your eyes, hear me out!

Funnels get a bad rep, but they don't deserve it. They're an essential part of a successful business. Why? 

Because a funnel isn't just something you create in Clickfunnels because it's "the thing to do". 

Funnels are the automated process of building a relationship. 

"Wait a minute, Jenn. I thought we had to be either #teamrelationship or #teamfunnel. We can be both?"

YES. Yes, you can be on both teams. In fact, I recommend it.

Funnels are how you get people in the proverbial door to start building relationships.

Funnels are how you build that know, like, and trust factor that's essential to get people pulling out their wallets to pay you. 

Funnels are how you keep leads coming in the door without sacrificing time with your clients, your family, and yourself. 

Now, not all funnels are created equal. Some are so simple that you might not even realize you already have one. Some are so complex you need a map to follow along. 

The important thing to know is that nearly all content you create can and should be part of your funnel. 

Your website? Absolutely.

Your emails? Yup.

Your YouTube channel? Totally.

Your podcast? Yes!

Your blog? Correct.

Your Facebook posts? Now you're getting it!

Funnels are how you take all of that hard work you're putting in and make it work for you — saving you time and making you money. 

Quick Q: Do you know which funnel is best for your business?

I get it. It can be confusing — that's why I created this quick & easy quiz to help you figure out which funnel you need RIGHT NOW. 

Funnels help YOU help OTHERS.

Helping others is the ultimate goal for me and my clients. 

But that looks a little different for all of us. 

I help by writing copy that gets people saying hell yes! to your offers

Some clients help by teaching others to grow their business through mindset coaching or business strategy. 

Others help by redecorating homes, planning weddings, offering therapy, creating content, preparing taxes...the list is endless. 

But we don't stop with helping our clients. 

We're committed to helping our families by being the best moms, aunts, sisters, daughters we can be. 

We're committed to helping our communities by volunteering for organizations, churches, political campaigns. 

We're committed to helping others in all aspects of our lives. 


You want to help your clients. Whether that's helping them get their books in order, plan their wedding, grow their business, or decorate their house, you're there to make their life better. And you're damn good at it.

And guess what? Amazing sales copy in your sales funnels helps you do even MORE of that.

Helping your family

Running your own business is hard — trying to do it while also being an awesome mom/wife/daughter is like trying to hula hoop on a hoverboard. 

Funnels help you get your business running without you (at least partially), giving you more time with your family.

HELPing YOUR Community

We all give back in our own way. Some people give a percentage of their profit to a deserving NGO. Some give their time as a CASA advocate (something I did before kids!). Some serve on the school board, city council, or even state legislature. Others support their church or synagogue. 

However you give back, it takes time and resources. And guess what? Funnels help you get more of both. 

Jenn Robbins


I'm the “oh shit…I need help now! girl who swoops in to sort your marketing mess into three simple, high-converting funnels (yes, you only need three!) that you can use to create profitable launches.

 focus on serving your clients and living the life you’ve been dreaming of. 

A Little Client Love


Jenn is AWESOME!

She got to know me and my brand and everything she wrote was spot on. I couldn't be more thrilled with the work she did for me. I consider her part of my "team" and a tremendous asset to my business! If you need a great copywriter, hire Jenn today!

Renee Sprink

Wedding Photographer


I'm so glad to have found Jenn!

I hired her to write the copy for my redesigned website. Not only did she deliver the copy on time and as promised, she totally nailed the approach I was looking for. She has been great to work with and I will be using her mad copywriting skills again and again as I rework my sales funnel.

Deb Howard Greenleaf

Virtual CFO & Accountant


Jenn knows her stuff!

Jenn produced interesting, persuasive, and clean copy on her first (and only) draft. She's reliable and professional, and absolutely knows her stuff when it comes to conversion copywriting. I'm grateful to have her in my back pocket for these types of projects.

Becky Mollenkamp
Business Mentor & Coach

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