Hey, you! 
You're Awesome


I know we just met, but I believe it.

You're awesome in business and in life — but you are a little overwhelmed. 

Truth bomb:You're at your best when you stay in your lane and do what you love.

Yet you keep trying to do it all. I know that feeling all too well. After all, I've DIYed my way through more than 7 years of business. 

But there comes a time when enough is enough. 

When you spend time doing something OTHER than what you're awesome at, you're wasting your time and money. You should be focusing on your zone of genius, not updating your website, writing a sales page, or mapping a sales funnel. (And my time is better spent writing copy for YOU than building my own website!)

You need someone who knows her stuff. Someone who has been in the online space for years, knows funnels better than a frat bro, and can capture your voice like Ursala the sea witch—only for good, not evil!

Let's get real, you need an incredible copywriter to come alongside you. Together, we'll create compelling copy that turns your audience into raving clients, build a sales funnel that delivers leads fresher than Will Smith, and get your bottom line flying higher than a SpaceX rocket

That copywriter is ME! 

As a conversion copywriter, I support badass established women business owners with high-converting sales funnels, eye-popping website copy, and solid strategy and coaching — getting them the qualified leads, subscribers, and sales that get them one step closer to EPIC WEALTH and the lives they deserve. 

Street cred includes creating opt-in pages that convert at a whopping 70% and clients literally 10xing their investment within weeks of implementing their freshly optimized strategy and copy. 

I live with my precocious toddler, firefighter husband, and assorted pets in our zero stoplight town in Oklahoma. That doesn't stop me from working with influential women around the globe, though! I'm a pro at calculating those time zone differences, and have mastered how to work with people in Bali, Australia, Switzerland, and beyond. (Haven't had to try Antartica yet!)

Get to know me...in bullets.

Sometimes a bullet list is the best way to get some basic info out of the way.

So let's do it.

  •  I'm not throwing away my shot. I purchased season tickets to the 2019 Broadway in OKC season JUST so I could be guaranteed tickets to Hamilton in August. #obsessed
  •  I'm a bigger badass than I realized. I gave birth to my daughter with zero meds back in 2016, and it will likely go down as the greatest accomplishment of my life. I've never been a super tough girl and I despise being in any sort of pain, but somehow I pushed a tiny person out of my body and felt every single moment. And I'd do it again!
  •  I love true crime podcasts. But I can't handle watching most true crime shows or documentaries! Weird, I know. But my podcast feed is full of podcasts that tell the stories so I can hear them without having to see them. (Want to know my favorites? Send me a message and I'll give you all the best podcasts — true crime and beyond!)
  •  Sooner Born and Sooner Bred. As a University of Oklahoma alumnus, I'm contractually obligated to root for my Sooners. But I've been a fan since I was only weeks old, watching the football team win a national championship!
  •  I was a novelist at age 10. Ok, I wasn't a PUBLISHED novelist at that age...but I did write a novel during my summer break. (Don't ask to read it, though. I think it's lost on a floppy disk somewhere. Also — remember floppy disks?!)
  •  Surf and turf would be my death row meal. A perfectly cooked (medium rare) filet mignon and a Maine lobster tail (with plenty of butter), paired with a salad drenched in Ranch dressing with croutons and a baked sweet potato (with tons of butter and brown sugar and cinnamon), would be exactly what I would want as a last meal. Oh, and a nice glass of wine, preferably sauvignon blanc but a cabernet sauvignon would be acceptable ;)

Results is my middle name.”

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Ok, results isn't ACTUALLY my middle name. 

It's Bryant (my maiden name). But I'm incredibly focused on getting results for my clients. 

You see, I'm a recovering accountant. As in, I have a BBA in accounting from OU and worked in public accounting for years! So I know the ins and outs of financial statements, the importance of a sound budget, and how crucial ROI is for small businesses. 

(Not sure what ROI is? That stands for Return On Investment. As in, what do you get from working with me?)

My goal is to deliver the highest possible ROI for my clients. 

Like the client who hired me for ONE HOUR and saw a 70% conversion rate on her landing page

Or the one who hired me for half day to rework her website and made $10,000 on her free summit

Or the one who booked thousands in new work based on ONE email template I created for him. 

Want to see that kind of ROI yourself?

A few women who already said YES!

Jennifer is super creative, fast, fun, and easy to work with. I had written a bunch of copy that needed a facelift and editing. She was able to polish my copy with me on the call and it made the writing process smooth sailing! I highly recommend her! 

Tamar Hermes - Money Mindest Coach

“I thought it was amazing and a valuable investment! When I read the first thing you showed us, you looked at my face and I was just blown away by how you did that. I tried to do that for two years, and you did it in less than two hours. I was very impressed!”

Marianne Sabrier - Wedding Photographer

Jenn produced interesting, persuasive, and clean copy on her first (and only) draft. She's reliable and professional, and absolutely knows her stuff when it comes to conversion copywriting. I'm grateful to have her in my back pocket for these types of projects.

Becky Mollenkamp - Business Mentor

Get ready to pop the champagne. 

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