Claim your financial freedom with my PROVEN system for $10,000+ launches! 

Quick Question:how does Doubling your revenue sound?Absolutely crazy? Or totally doable?

Go from overworked and underpaid to confident, sought-after business owner EVEN IF you haven’t put that big idea onto paper just yet.

The doors close on 3/3!


“I want to learn how to build funnels and successfully launch so I can make more money without working 20 hours a day.”

Sound familiar?

You’re making pretty good money (maybe not six figures, but you pay the bills and get to do some fun stuff, too), but you’re still working with the same 24 hours in a day… meaning you’ve got to sleep at some point 

Burnout might be just around the corner, but you’re having a tough time transitioning to the next level in your business because you’re not sure how to create that perfect offer…let alone launch it. 

You know that investing in your business is a must. There's just one thing though...

The One Thing?

Knowing who to trust to show you the ropes so you can confidently launch that big idea… and build high-converting funnels that generate big bucks for you (and, your clients, too).

But it isn't always so easy to know who to trust. I learned the hard way...

The $5,000 mistake that made me feel stupid...

...but ultimately changed my life and led me to my first six-figure year  ($114,727.65 to be exact)!

A few years ago I was exactly where you are now… helping other people make lots of money…more during their open cart periods than I made all year… and wishing I could do it too.

I woke up one day and decided, There’s gotta be something more. (sung to the tune of Sugarland’s hit song, obvi)

That’s when I heard about a popular program that promised to help me get more clients, more money, and basically solve all my problems (sounds too good to be true, right?). I was told that I would hit those BIG MONEY GOALS if I followed what the program laid out. So I committed to being an A+ student and doing whatever it took.

I said, “Yes, take my money!” and I started dreaming of the life I would live, including unlimited access to Veuve Clicquot, a personal chef, regular girls’ trips (NOLA, here I come!), and maybe even a vacation place in Colorado...

Then the program started, and everything fell apart…

Turns out, this “expert” who I had given $5,000 of my hard-earned cash, knew LESS than I did!

Even worse? They were teaching shady tactics and questionable techniques that I knew were the OPPOSITE of what I should be doing to grow my business to the promised life-changing level.

In that moment...

I realized that this supposed expert was raking in cash… not by doing what they promised to teach me, but by selling programs to people like me. (Smells like MLM, no?)

What this person (and so many like them) had was a brilliant marketing system, a slick way of closing sales calls, and the confidence that they could sell their “expertise”.

That’s it. Nothing special. Nothing fancy.

They were simply confident enough to step up, make big promises, and build funnels that converted for them.

All the while people like you and me watch from the sidelines … believing that so-called gurus like them have ALL the answers… and we look to them to share their secrets with us.

You and I, we’re the ones that know HOW to do the work. I’m talking about the copywriters, the designers and developers, the virtual assistants, the (insert your expert topic here).

We’re the ones hustling relentlessly behind-the-scenes, unknown, unnamed, and underpaid, as gurus and faux ‘thought leaders’ like the one who tricked me step up.

Why does this happen? Because we’re either too afraid to put ourselves out there OR we don’t know how to go from service provider to expert business owner and leader.

Is this all hitting a little too close to home?

Maybe this sounds like you too...
  • You’ve had the idea for a course or program but weren’t ready to make it happen...and then you saw someone with WAY LESS  experience than you selling out their program that looks the same (eerily, exactly the same).

    Look, if you don’t grab hold of that creative idea, it will move on to someone who will do something about it. Kinda like closing time at a college bar! But hey, you can grab that idea next time because it’s yours! I’ll show you how in a min...
  • You’re trying to fit 4.5 extra working hours into your day where you can so you can hit those #moneygoals you set at the beginning of the year (who needs sleep, right?).

    Ever find yourself saying yes to a client even though you know you’re already fully booked? At some point, you realize that you’ve overcommitted yet again and you’re struggling to juggle all the demands on your time with zero support. Sure, the money is awesome but what about that whole balance thing you’ve been looking for? I can show you how to create your own 1:many offers and bring them to market OR how to add funnel creation as a new high-ticket service.

  • It’s too easy to just keep putting your own stuff on the back burner...over and over again because client work ALWAYS seems to take precedence. And besides, even if you’ve worked on funnels and launches before, it’s always soooo much harder to do it for yourself, right? (Spoiler alert: only if you’re trying to do it solo)

Now imagine how you’d feel if you were launching your new  offer this spring to your own thriving email list of hundreds (maybe thousands) of super fans who are eager to buy from you...

Imagine having the freedom to...
  • Launch new offers because you have a solid, engaged audience eager to learn and buy from you. 
  • Relax during a launch knowing that everything is in the place and ready to roll, and you’re not having to stay up way past your bedtime writing another sales email that goes out tomorrow.
  • Take a little time off the intense 1:1 services work to spend time with your family (or just get away for a weekend, because Lord knows you’ve been spending enough time together at home for now!). 
  • Say yes to the extra guac without a second thought (yes, I KNOW it’s extra, Chipotle)…ok, kinda kidding on that one. But in all seriousness, think about the freedom that comes with those big income-boosting launches. Vacations, new cars, a home you love rather than one you’re just kinda making do with ...the possibilities are endless!

As a 1:1 service provider, it can feel absolutely terrifying to make the leap to anything else.

But you know that the time has come for you to do more with your business. And if you didn’t? Consider this your sign.
Insert Image

Now lemme tell you about the program that was designed based on work I’ve actually done with clients for years...

Funnels to Freedom is here to help you hit the goals you’ve only been dreaming of until now. Whether that’s your first $100k year, starting with a $10k launch, or learning how to help clients confidently launch, this 16-week implementation program is designed to walk you step-by-step through the process of building/growing your email list AND launching your offer. (The world’s waiting, I promise.)

You’ll get the knowledge that comes from 10 years of working with online business owners, big-name coaches, and service providers, helping them hit their five, six, and even seven figure launch goals. (Yes, seven figure launches are TOTALLY a thing.)  

Trusted by...

You’ll have access to the Flexible Funnels Framework that you can use and reuse over and over again, helping you reach your goals and find the financial freedom your family (even if that family is just you and your fluffy dog) needs.

Wait, What the Funnel is The Flexible Funnel Framework?

There are three basic funnels that every business needs: a List Building Funnel, a Launch Funnel, and an Evergreen Conversion funnel. And, they all build on one another.

Funnels to Freedom focuses on the first two, which are truly foundational for growing your business and hitting your goals (your first $10k launch, perhaps?). Once you have these funnels in place, you can tweak, update, and reuse them over and over again as the online business world — and your offers — continue to shift.

After our work together, you’ll walk away with the knowledge you need to scale and grow at every level. (As for the 3rd funnel? Spoiler alert — check the bonuses — wink wink.)

You aren’t just learning the Flexible Funnels Framework: you're taking action and applying it as you go...  

And I'll be right alongside you every step of the way.

Funnels to Freedom isn’t another digital course or mastermind. It’s an implementation group program where you get it done! You aren’t going to be given a bunch of videos to watch and left to DIY what you learn on your own time, whenever you get around to it. Accountability is part of the process here. Each week is a chance to take the next step to actually DOING IT. And if you fall a little behind? There are built-in implementation sessions to make sure we all stay on top of the tasks at hand.

The end result? An email list of hundreds (even thousands) of dream customers and your own launch ready to go! 

What do past students have to say about Funnels to Freedom?

In Jenn's program, I had a step-by-step roadmap that helped keep me accountable and gave me all the tools I needed to actually get it done.

"Building funnels is overwhelming. Even though I knew the basic principles, putting it all together seemed like a daunting task and my previous efforts didn't seem to get much traction. Jenn's one-on-one guidance was priceless. She really made a point to invest in me and my business and went above and beyond to help even after the program was over.

When I started the program I had less than 20 email subscribers. I created my list-building funnel…and barely grew my list. But because I’d learned the foundations in Jenn’s program, I was able to create another funnel quickly and then grew my list to more than 2,300 in a matter of days! I've launched my program twice and been able to build on my sales each time. Investing in this program was a big step for me and helped me gain momentum as I continue to learn and grow with each launch."

- Alli Beck

FTF was amazing for showing me how to build funnels that *work*. 

"As a copywriter and online business owner, understanding the ins & outs of funnels is so important for helping me create an effective launch strategy for my clients. I also knew I needed some sort of funnel for my own business, but I had no idea how to set one up (or how to help my client's with their funnels). 

Thanks to Jenn's insights and personalized feedback, I was able to *finally* set up my own list-building funnel (that I regularly get compliments on) PLUS I'm able to better show up as an expert during my launch strategy projects. 

Jenn's framework and templates also gave me a tremendous shortcut when it was time to execute what I learned, and I still refer to them on a regular basis. 

If you want a deeper understanding about funnels, you gotta learn from Jenn!"

- Ashley Chow

What’s Possible with Funnels to Freedom?

Look, I’m not someone who is going to promise you that you are ONE FUNNEL from a six-figure launch.

But I can promise that if you follow the Flexible Funnel Framework, your first launch will be amazing. The actual numbers will depend on so many factors: your audience, your offer, your pricing...but here’s what I do know.

A $10,000 launch is 100% possible for anyone that commits to this program and does the work over the next two months. In fact, that’s my goal for everyone who joins: a minimum of $10,000 when they launch. (Imagine how good it would feel to have THAT in your bank account?)

Why do I know that’s possible if you do the work?

A client of mine made $40,000 on her first launch with a $97 offer. (Need help doing the math? That means she sold well over 400 digital products.)

Her name is Jillian, and she’s a second grade teacher with zero business experience. Because she followed the Flexible Funnels Framework, she made more in her first launch than most teachers will make in an entire year.

 But I’ll let her tell you about it:

"I generated $40,000 on my first launch."

I am so grateful to you for helping generate $40,000 on my first launch, and giving me the ability to shrug off ALL of my doubt! I came to you because I knew I wanted to create an online course to better serve my audience, but I had no idea what to do with my course once I created it.

Your streamlined systems made it so easy to follow your process, our interactions were warm and efficient, and your ability to craft words that resonate with my target audience is so appreciated.

I cannot wait to recommend you to any and every person looking to sell a product (even if they don't know they need a copywriter yet).  Thank you for everything!”

- Jillian Starr, Second Grade Teacher & Newly Minted Digital Educator

Hold up, Jenn. What if I don't want to launch a course or program?

That's totally fine! 

The truth is, EVEN IF you’re not currently launching your own offer right now, you can use what you learn in Funnels to Freedom to help your clients make a LOT of money by learning how to add funnel strategy to your 1:1 services. 

I'll let a past Funnels to Freedom student tell you more...

In the first year after finishing the program, I tripled my investment in client work PLUS I’ve created a really awesome (and successful course).

Before joining Funnels to Freedom, I “got” funnels, but wanted support putting #allthethings together and keeping track of the moving parts, because there’s a LOT. In addition to stripping out all the unnecessary fluff to make the IMPORTANT basics more effect, I feel confident in the system and use it to my clients’ benefit as well as my own. In the first year after finishing the program, I tripled my investment in client work PLUS I’ve created a really awesome (and successful course).

And I couldn’t have done it without Jenn’s support. I came into the program with a really solid idea but wasn't super clear on my offer. Jenn helped me reframe the offer so I could build a program I love — and more importantly, that helps students get results. Whomp Whomp to Wow would NEVER have been possible without Jenn.

- Erin Pennings, Copywriter + Marketing Strategist

The doors close on 3/3!


Remind me who's behind all this again?

It’s me, Jenn Robbins!

I’m the Funnel Stylist, saving online entrepreneurs from one-size-fits all funnels…because a good funnel is like the perfect little black dress: versatile, classic, and best when tailored to fit YOU.

 After supporting coaches, service providers, and yes, other copywriters for years, I’ve developed my own framework and methods to help my clients (and hopefully, YOU) with  five, six, and seven figure launches. (Hold up: seven figure launches are awesome, but don’t expect your first launch to hit that, mmk? Gotta keep it real here.)

I created this program because it’s time for service providers like you and me to be able to do more than just 1:1 work. It’s time to stop being intimidated by overcomplicated funnels. By defining your goals, audience, and offers, developing funnels based on data, and actually debriefing after each funnel, you’ll walk away understanding how to create lasting, flexible funnels that work for you and your business.

Funnels to Freedom includes EVERYTHING you need to successfully launch in June - and I'll be there supporting you as you launch!

A lot of programs teach you the basics of how to launch, but they assume you’re coming in with an audience in place or at least the money to sign up for their preferred fancy software or recommended implementation team (because that’s the only way they know how to do it now).

Funnels to Freedom is designed to help you build that audience and make it happen while you’re setting up your launch...including how to launch without all the fancy stuff. (Because spoiler alert: you don’t need it.) This program is all about cutting out the fluff and pretension and focusing on what you actually need to succeed, and then actually helping you do it.

Here’s how it all breaks down…



March: Defining Your Funnel Strategy

This month is all about setting up a solid funnel strategy foundation for 2022. Each week we'll focus on  defining your goals, your audience, and your offers to map out your funnel strategy...or help you understand the process so YOU can do this for your clients! By breaking down the process into simple, easy-to-understand steps, you'll learn HOW to do this on your own as you develop new offers and work 1:1 with clients. 



April: Grow Your Audience (from scratch) with a List-Building Funnel

This month is all about getting your list-building funnel up and running! (Yes, even if you're just in to learn 1:1 strategy.) Growing an email list is essential for any business in 2022, so this month is essential to your goal, whether that's a $10k launch OR doubling your revenue as a service provider.  And when the month is over, we'll take a look at the data to improve your list-building funnel and set you up for success this summer!



May: Prepare for Launch!

This month we are getting your launch set up! (Service providers: we're going to set you up to launch with your newly found strategy skills...because yes, 1:1 service providers can launch too!) Writing sales copy, setting up sequences, showing up for your audience...it’s all happening this month, with extra copy support and office hours.  



June: Let’s Launch!

This is it. Launch month. You don’t have to worry about watching any trainings or learning anything new this month. It’s all about implementation and support as you go live with your launch! Mega support is happening here as you knuckle down and do the work these last few weeks. You won’t be in it alone!

But wait! What does that actually look like?

Here’s what you’ll experience inside this program

  • 90-minute calls every week that blend 30 minutes of teaching with 60 minutes of implementation time
  • Recordings and transcriptions of every call so you can watch, listen, and read based on how you learn best
  • Weekly Voxer office hours every Friday
  • Two 60-minute private 1:1 calls to use when YOU need dedicated support from me
  • Private Facebook group to get support as you need it
  • Bonus workshop library to cover things like Facebook Ads, tech, design and more
  • Access to all my swipes and template for launches + list-building funnels, including funnel maps, complete launch copy templates and more!

Hold up, that last one is super important, so lemme repeat it for you. That’s...

Access to all my list-building and launch related templates and swipes! 

Ok, is it cheesy to call my templates priceless? Maybe, but more than 10 years of blood, sweat, and tears (I’m being 100% literal here) went into creating them. They’re based on years of experience working with funnels of all shapes and sizes, and they’re perfect for helping you get started.

Templates include:

  • Lead Magnet Landing Pages
  • Welcome Email Sequences
  • Webinar Registration Pages
  • Webinar Show-Up and Invitation Emails
  • Sales Pages
  • Sales Email Sequences
  • And more!

How about a bonus library?

Demystifying Your Data Training 
(a $297 value)

Ann-Marie, marketing strategist, is recording a training designed to help you understand the data in your funnel. Because if you want to have a successful funnel+ launch (and repeat the process!) you need to understand what you’re working with.

Designing for Conversions Training
(a $297 value)

Christie Cooper, sales page designer, is recording a training designed to help you understand how to increase conversions with design for your landing pages and sales pages. Whether you’re planning to DIY your pages or hire a pro, you need to know what to look for so you can up those conversions (and your revenue!)

Facebook Ads for Beginners Training
(a $297 value)

Danielle Klem, Facebook Ads specialist, is recording a training designed to walk you through the basics of Facebook Ads. While not everyone will want to run Facebook Ads initially, learning how they work and why they’re useful is an essential part of creating successful funnels.

GIF It Done Training
(a $297 value)

With more than 126 million views (and counting!), I’ve loved using GIFs in my business. Not only do I get to use branded GIFs in my business, I've signed clients just from them seeing my GIFs in the wild! This training will show you how to create and use GIFs in your funnels. 

Uncomplicating Your Tech
(a $297 value)

Briar Harvey, systems expert + funnel designer, will help demystify all things funnel tech for you for list-building funnels and launches. Whether you’re curious about the all-in-one options like ClickFunnels and Kajabi or are looking for the best way to keep costs down, Briar will help you keep things simple.

Pre-Launch Content
(a $297 value)

Ashley Chow, copywriter and past Funnels to Freedom student, will show you how to create incredible content to use BEFORE you launch, setting you up for even higher conversions and yes, revenue. 


The Offer Workshop
(a $497 value)

This offer workshop kicks off the program and will give you all the tools you need to create a perfect offer that’s packed with value and lays the foundation for you to set yourself up as an expert. Because the best strategy + funnel in the world can't overcome a bad offer.

Evergreen Funnel Workshop
(a $1997 value)

While this program covers the primary two funnels in the Flexible Funnel Framework, the third funnel is ready and waiting when you’ve mastered the first two! This live workshop will take place in July to help you understand how to take what you learned from launching and take it evergreen. 


12 Months in Liz Wilcox's Email Marketing Membership (a $108 value)

Struggle with what to email your list? Not sure how to build a relationship week to week? Liz has you covered with weekly newsletter templates, including a video breakdown on the WHY + HOW behind it so you can take it and make it work for YOU. Plus you'll get once a month live Q&As with her, as well as quarterly guest expert trainings and monthly 4-pack of themed emails (on things like flash sales, replies, clicks, and more).

Ok, maybe you’ve been wondering if this program is right for you. Let me make that a little easier...

Funnels to Freedom is perfect for:

  • Online business owners who’ve been too afraid or intimidated by funnels to launch. I get it, funnels seem complicated...but trust me, they are so much simpler than you think. Let me demystify it for you!
  • Digital educators and coaches who know they have something to teach but don’t have an audience to sell to yet. You’ve been wanting to spread your wings, but you aren’t sure where to start. 
  • Service providers who want to add funnel strategy and launches to their offerings. Maybe you want to launch your own offer, maybe you just want to learn how to do it for others…this program is perfect for you.

Funnels to Freedom is NOT for:

  • People who sell physical products. This program focuses on selling services, digital products, and courses/programs. While many of the principles could work for physical products, I want to be clear that I don’t work with physical product based businesses often!
  • People looking for done-for-you funnel copywriting and building. While you will 100% get support as you write your copy, map out your funnel, and put it all together, this program is about learning how to do it yourself so you can repeat it OR pass it off to a team member.
  • People who aren’t ready to shake things up. If you like only doing 1:1 work, and the referral thing is working for you, then by all means, keep doing you, boo.

Cool Jenn, this all sounds great. But what’s the investment?

Ah yes, the time has come. Let’s talk $$$. 

Ah yes, the time has come. Let’s talk $$$. This is a super interactive program, and I’ll have my funnel stylist tiara on to help you along the way in the weekly calls and Facebook group. Plus you also get two 60-minute 1:1 calls with me and access to weekly office hours. 

So what's the price, Jenn? 

First, let’s chat about what it looks like to hire me as a funnel strategist and copywriter. My projects start at $5,000 for a list-building funnel and $10,000 for a launch. So if you were going to hire me to handle your list-building funnel AND launch, you’re looking at $15,000 right there.

OR...you can join me in Funnels to Freedom for a fraction of that price! You’ll walk away from the program with a list-building funnel AND launch ready to go. Even better, you’ll be prepared to reuse the funnels all throughout 2022 and beyond thanks to the Flexible Funnels Framework.

Funnels to Freedom is a $5,000 investment where you get a blend of group calls and 1:1 time that we can spend however you like — personalized copy reviews, deep dive on your offer or strategy, or talk about whatever you need that might come up.   

In other words? Invest $5,000 before the end of the year and make it back when you launch your offer or new service! This entire program is built to help you get a return on your investment immediately — as in, with your very first launch. (And keep building that ROI with every launch and new client that comes in going forward, because now you’ll know how to create successful funnels over and over again.)

Lemme break it down here

Funnels to Freedom

1 payment of $5,000


  • Weekly training/implementation sessions
  • Voxer office hours
  • Two 60-minute 1:1 calls
  • Access to all templates & swipes
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Bonus workshop library
  • Bonus LIVE Offer Workshop
  • Bonus LIVE Evergreen Workshop
Funnels to Freedom
Payment Plan

4 payments of $1,250


  • Weekly training/implementation sessions
  • Voxer office hours
  • Two 60-minute 1:1 calls
  • Access to all templates & swipes
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Bonus workshop library
  • Bonus LIVE Offer Workshop
  • Bonus LIVE Evergreen Workshop
  • No Penalty Payment Plan: the price is the same, you're just missing the extra 1:1 support


Which is why I'm limited the number of members to 12. This program is all about implementation and personalized support, which I can only offer to a limited number of people at a time.  

So don't wait! You can join directly in the links above, or use the link below to book a call with Jenn and find out if Funnels to Freedom is the right fit for you!

Doors close on 3/3


Who's behind Funnels to Freedom?

It’s me, Jenn Robbins, the Funnel Stylist! 

I save online entrepreneurs from one-size-fits all funnels with my Flexible Funnel Framework. With more than a decade of experience, I offer funnel strategy and copywriting services to 1:1 clients, as well as training and support through workshops and programs like this one! Because a good funnel is like the perfect little black dress: versatile, classic, and best when tailored to fit YOU.

A Little Love From Jenn’s Clients

I highly recommend working with Jenn!

“There are A LOT of moving pieces in my business. I hired Jenn as a funnel strategist to dive into my existing funnels to see what was working and what wasn’t. She helped me see the holes we had in our funnels and developed a simple strategy for us to bring in new subscribers with clear list-building funnels so we can make the most of our launches and evergreen offers.

 Working with Jenn was straightforward and I appreciate the effort she put into our strategy! I would highly recommend working with Jenn on your funnels.”

- SUSAN HYATT, CEO, SusanHyatt.com

"I hired Jenn because I was tired of DIYing my funnels and wanted an expert to come in and fix them! She swooped in and took all the messiness and stress off my plate. Even when we changed things up and our funnels got complicated, she kept her cool and got it done.  If you have a somewhat complicated funnel, Jenn can handle it and give you the peace of mind you need to focus on doing what you do best."

- Lindsay Padilla - CEO of Wealthy Teachers, Inc and Hello Audio

"I went from having leaky, confusing funnels to three solid funnels that keep leads, buyers, and students coming, but best of all we’re increasing the long-term value of our subscribers with a solid plan to make more money in the follow-up!"

Sage Polaris

With Jenn in her corner, Sage gets 5 figure launch results!

“Without Jenn in my corner, I wouldn't be able to have 5 figure course launches. She comes up with better concepts than I would on my own. Her work allows me to stay present with my audience while she does the heavy lifting with the copy.

She's a mega star writer and I'd book her while you still can. With her level of talent she won't be available for long. Thank you Jenn for taking my launches to the next level!”

- Sage Polaris, Launch Strategist to the Stars

Up your game with Jenn!

“Preparing for a launch can be time-consuming, and I didn’t have the time to write the email sequence for our launch. Jenn was a pleasure to work with and provided such engaging, intelligent copy that we didn't even need to edit on our side! Everything was laid out and organized extremely well and her communication was fantastic. If you’re looking to up your copy game and work with an expert, she’s your girl.”


There’s never been a better time to find
freedom with funnels.

The past couple of years have been a crazy ride. We all know someone who has lost their job (I know many, including my own husband!) or someone whose entire business model was compromised by Covid. It’s never been more important to have multiple streams of income in your business. 

So if you’ve built a business that relies on 1:1 work (especially if you rely on referrals!), now’s the time to add funnels to your business. Now only does it set you up to launch in the future, the increased visibility and influx of subscribers will also bring your more 1:1 clients!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you write my copy for my LBF/launch?

No, you’ll be doing the writing based on six-figure successful templates and frameworks! You’ll have the chance to bring copy to our copy workshops for feedback and review. Or, you can use your 1:1 calls to review your copy.

Can I take what I learn and reuse it on another launch?

Yes!! That’s the whole point. I want you to learn the strategy behind Flexible Funnels so you can rinse and repeat for future LBF/launches for yourself and/or for clients. 


Do I need to spend a bunch of money on tech to be a part of F2F?

No!! I believe in using what you have. You will need the basics: ESP, landing page builder, course/program platform, sales cart, but I’m software agnostic.

Is this one of those programs that will tell me to spend thousands on Facebook ads?

No!! Facebook ads can be a good idea, but they aren’t for everyone. You can use Facebook ads as part of what you learn in this program (and we have a bonus workshop to help!) but you DO NOT HAVE to. 


Do I get 1:1 support?

Yes, you get access to Voxer office hours to answer questions as well as two 60-minute 1:1 calls (four if you choose the Pay-In-Full option). Plus, you get support through group learning sessions and Q&A calls, as well as within the private Facebook group.

Is there a payment plan?  

Yes! There’s a 4-part payment plan for the program, and there’s no penalty for spacing it out. In other words, you’ll pay the same whether you pay upfront or over four months. BUT if you choose to pay-in-full, you get two extra 60-minute 1:1 calls

Why should I choose this program over something else?

There are lots of amazing programs out there. I’ve even been a guest expert for many of them! But this program was designed to simplify and demystify the funnel process and support you as you actually create and launch them. You'll get me, Jenn Robbins, for all calls (unless I bring in a guest expert for a specific topic). I won't be farming out any calls to my support team! 

How much time will this take? 

Plan for 2 hours a week for training and Q&A, and another 2 to actually do the work. That means 8-16 hours a month to FINALLY build your audience and LAUNCH THE DAMN THING. I know it can feel impossible to add an extra couple of hours a week of work, but if you don’t commit to doing it now, when will you? (Aka, how long has this been on your to-do list?)

I’m so busy, what if I don’t have the time for this right now?

We’re all busy, I get it. Especially these days, when so many of us are juggling distance learning with kiddos, the weight of the world falling apart around us, and you know, keeping our businesses running. But learning how to do this is one of the most profitable skills you could have. It’s absolutely a 6 figure skill that may not turn you into a full funnel strategist, but WILL ensure you come out able to build your own funnels again and again.

Will I see a Return On Investment?

That’s the whole point of the program! It’s designed for you to see a return on your investment with your first launch. Literally, each module of the program builds on itself, you can launch to an engaged and eager audience and get your $5,000 back...and more! (Like Erin, a past Funnels to Freedom student did!)

This is your time to find financial freedom with funnels. Sign up today for Funnels to Freedom and get…

  • 16 weeks of learning + implementation, including one live learning session and Voxer office hours a week
  • Two 60-minute 1:1 calls with Jenn
  • Access to all templates & swipes
  • Lead Magnet Landing Pages
  • Welcome Email Sequences
  • Webinar Registration Pages
  • Webinar Show-Up and Invitation Emails
  • Sales Pages
  • Sales Email Sequences
  • And more!
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Bonus Workshops including
  • Demystifying Your Data
  • FB Ads
  • Designing for Conversions
  • Uncomplicating Your Tech
  • How to Make GIFs
  • Pre-Launch Content
  • Bonus Evergreen Workshop
  • Bonus Offer Workshop

But most importantly, you’ll walk away from Funnels to Freedom with a bigger audience, a launch in your pocket and ready to go, and feeling prepared to make 2022 YOUR YEAR by finding your own financial freedom with these essential flexible funnels.

What are you waiting for?

Funnels to Freedom

1 payment of $5,000


  • Weekly training/implementation sessions
  • Voxer office hours
  • Two 60-minute 1:1 calls
  • Access to all templates & swipes
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Bonus workshop library
  • Bonus LIVE Offer Workshop
  • Bonus LIVE Evergreen Workshop
Funnels to Freedom
Payment Plan

4 payments of $1,250


  • Weekly training/implementation sessions
  • Voxer office hours
  • Two 60-minute 1:1 calls
  • Access to all templates & swipes
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Bonus workshop library
  • Bonus LIVE Offer Workshop
  • Bonus LIVE Evergreen Workshop
  • No Penalty Payment Plan: the price is the same, you're just missing the extra 1:1 support