What The Funnel Challenge

Ready to find out how to grow your email list in five days or less...

and finally understand What The Funnel a funnel really is.

If you've been looking to...

  • Create an eager-to-buy audience who actually want to hear from you — no more screaming into the void of social media.
  • Position yourself as an authority in your industry by making your brand more visible, and building that know-love-trust factor with your audience one email at a time.
  • Stop wondering or worrying if you're doing it right. Get all the need-to-know lowdown on list-building funnels in this 5 day challenge.

Join the #WTFunnel Challenge (5/17-5/21)

Go from “my email list is so tiny what’s the point of trying?” to “I gotta upgrade my account, thanks new subscribers!”

No, really! I used a list-building funnel last year that grew my email list by 163% in less than two weeks...I had to update my Active campaign account TWICE!! 

But maybe you're wondering if this challenge is actually worth it. I mean, can you actually learn how to grow your list in five days?

Check out what past participants had to say...

Look, I’m not here to promise you’re one funnel away from a 6 figure launch.

But I can promise that creating a list-building funnel will give you an incredible ROI on your time and money. This is the kind of funnel that you actually can set + forget (though I always recommend tweaking and adjusting). This is the kind of funnel that leads new people down the rabbit hole of your business. This is the kind of funnel that prepares you for the next freakin' decade, ok? 

 A list-building funnel is your chance to grow your audience and build relationships without having to spend hours a week on cold outreach or hundreds of $$$ on Facebook ads. 

  • If you're launching a course, program, or even a service in before the end of the year, you need to start growing your list NOW to set future you up for success.
  • Hearing the rumor that email is dead? FALSE. 99% of us are checking our inboxes daily — that’s prime real estate, baby. 
  • Funnels do NOT have to be an icky, spammy, #brotastic marketing tool. Done right, they are the best tool to grow your business without you having to hustle nonstop.

Stop waiting for the right time to grow your email list!

The right time was yesterday (or 3 years ago), but the next best time is today.

It doesn't matter if you're starting with zero, 100, 1k, or even 10k subscribers on your list. We all need to be actively list-building if we want to succeed in the online world these days. There are #noexcuses anymore. 

But here's the thing. 

Funnels have a bad rep these days. People think they need this super slick, overcomplicated, expensive funnel to be effective. But it doesn't have to be like that. You can create funnels with feeling, funnels that are simple automated ways of creating and building relationships. 

That's exactly what we're doing in the What the Funnel Challenge!

When you sign up, you get immediate access to the private podcast feed where you'll find the first episode ready to download! Then get ready to start the challenge on May 17th.

That's when I'll be releasing new episodes, going live daily for Q&A, and offering BONUS PDFs, BONUS access to the Launch Debrief, and an interactive contest where you can win your very own Funnel Debrief, a partial scholarship to my upcoming program, and more!

Ready to start growing your list in 5 days?

Wanna hear from more challenge participants?

More than 550 people joined the Challenge when I ran it in 2020...

and this is your chance to join the next round starting May 17th! 

This 5-day challenge breaks down everything you need to know to create your first (or next) list-building funnel...including behind the scenes on how to create your very own audio-based lead magnet. (Audio is becoming one of the most popular lead magnet options out there. Let me make it easy for you to get yours going by the end of the month!)

What's in the What the Funnel Challenge?

  • Private podcast feed packed with daily lessons on how to build a list-building funnel
  • Private Facebook group to show up and get feedback, share ideas, and meet other people doing exactly what you're doing
  • Daily Q&A sessions in the Facebook group (yes, recordings will be available)
  • Transcripts of all trainings + recordings (gotta make it accessible)
  • BONUS!! PDFs to help you understand and grow your list (an online business dictionary, funnel timeline, lead magnet idea generator, resource breakdown, and more!)
  • BONUS!! One LIVE Q&A session every 30 days (get feedback!)
  • BONUS!! Access to Launch Debrief where you can see behind the scenes of my list-building funnel + get a chance for a hot seat to get feedback on your list-building funnel

All for the low price of $0.00 <-- yup, it's free!

Hold up! Did you say an audio feed?!

You're darn right I did!

This time around all trainings, even the bonus Launch Debrief, will be easy to access and listen to in your favorite podcast app. (Overcast, Spotify, you name it, it should work!)

Created by Funnel Strategist + Conversion Copywriter  Jenn Robbins

Ready to pop the champagne?

That's what I do every time a new client signs their contract — which happens a whole lot more once you have a stellar list-building funnel in place. 

I shared my list-building funnel secrets in this challenge, and now is your chance to get it all for free. 

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