Go from wondering what the funnel actually happened to feeling hella confident and fully prepared for your next launch! 

Even if your palms are a bit sweaty just thinking about it!

Book your Launch Debrief today


Go from wondering what the funnel actually happened to feeling hella confident and fully prepared for your next launch! 

Even if your palms are a bit sweaty just thinking about it!

Book your Launch Debrief today

If you've ever launched a course, a digital product, or a VIP day...

you already know that feeling of elated relief that comes when the cart closes... mixed with a side of nerves because even if you hit your goals, you’re not really sure if your launch did as well as it could’ve.

So you find yourself...

Avoiding looking at the numbers

Maybe you know exactly how much you brought in revenue wise... but what about all the other info you can’t bring yourself to look at? Did that many people really unsubscribe? Were your click thru rates through the roof... or the basement? 

Afraid to plan your next launch

You know you want to launch again, but the idea of trying to sort through what happened on your last launch sounds about as much fun as a trip to the dentist... and I don’t mean the kind from a Veronica Mars episode. 

Worried about your expenses

Or maybe you’re finally ready to get help with your next launch, but you’re worried that after how much you spent last time, you won’t have anything to show for it.  

Now imagine how you’d feel if you knew exactly what went down last launch — and how to make your next one even better.

They say that your first launch is just an experiment. It gives you a baseline to start from...but if you don’t sit down and evaluate the launch, then the next one is just a guess as well! 

Instead of starting from some blurry starting point every time, you can clearly define what worked and what didn’t, so you know what to do better next time — and where to get support if you need it.


Launch Debrief

A 45-minute breakdown of your previous launch(es) PLUS a full strategy for your next launch.

I've taken everything I've learned from my last decade in online business to create this one-of-a-kind session to help you see where you’ve been and develop a plan for where you’re going when it comes to launches.

The Launch Debrief includes a detailed intake form and template for you to record your current funnel process, statistics, and copy. After a thorough review of your launch, we’ll have a 45-minute Zoom session to evaluate what’s working, what isn’t, and what you need to successfully streamline update your launch for maximum impact.

The Launch Debrief creates the foundation for your next successful launch.

For only $997 you’ll get...

  • 45-minute Zoom session
  • Launch map of previous launch
  • Launch map for your next launch
  • Recording of our session
  • Timeline for next launch
  • Breakdown of bonuses
  • Evaluation of offers

Kitty saw her first 6-figure WEEK thanks to the strategy we created in her Launch Debrief!

"Before we hired Jenn, our website and funnel strategy was not working. We were constantly changing lead magnets and offers, creating new ads, and still not seeing results. After working with Jenn to create our three primary funnels, we saw amazing results in a short time! We launched our challenge and saw an increase of 39%, which directly led to our first six-figure week!

Our front end funnel has been running with no changes for 5 months and covering all advertising costs - having this evergreen set up providing an ongoing stream of leads has totally changed the way we market and convert. We have been able to start truly scaling and also been able to focus our time and energy on growing the business and diversifying. The investment we made has absolutely paid off not only financially but also in the time we have got back to focus on other parts"

- Kitty Blomfield

Co-founder, Nustrength

I highly recommend working with Jenn!

“There are A LOT of moving pieces in my business. I hired Jenn as a funnel strategist to dive into my existing funnels to see what was working and what wasn’t. She helped me see the holes we had in our funnels and developed a simple strategy for us to bring in new subscribers with clear list-building funnels so we can make the most of our launches and evergreen offers.

Working with Jenn was straightforward and I appreciate the effort she put into our strategy! I would highly recommend working with Jenn on your funnels.”

- Susan Hyatt

CEO, SusanHyatt.com

With Jenn in her corner, Sage gets 5 figure launch results!  

“Without Jenn in my corner, I wouldn't be able to have 5 figure course launches. She comes up with better concepts than I would on my own. Her work allows me to stay present with my audience while she does the heavy lifting with the copy. 

She's a mega star writer and I'd book her while you still can. With her level of talent she won't be available for long. Thank you Jenn for taking my launches to the next level!”

- Sage Polaris

   Launch Strategist To The Stars

Sage Polaris

Who's behind the debrief?

Hey, I’m Jenn Robbins, the Funnel Stylist! 

I help online entrepreneurs grow their audience, sign more clients, and sell more digital products with high converting sales funnels. Because a good funnel is like the perfect little black dress: versatile, classic, and best when tailored to fit YOU.

I’ve worked with online entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes over the last decade as both a consultant and a conversion copywriter. While I’ve done some group programs and sold digital products, I really focus on 1:1 work with my clients.

The best time to debrief is immediately after your launch.

The next best time? TODAY!