February 14, 2019

By now you’ve explored the competition, ​your soulmates, and your ideal audience. It’s time to start creating content! But first you need some ideas. It’s time to spark your creativity.

How do you get started? Well, if you didn’t look closely at your influencers content, go back and take a look. It will help you get an idea of what others in your industry are creating.

Now let’s be crystal clear: do NOT copy what they are doing! That is NEVER ok. However, you can look to them for inspiration. Do you love the way they have their content organized? Or maybe you love their easy light voice? Whatever it is that draws you in, think about how you can incorporate that in your business, but in a way that is entirely you.

Even great artists are inspired by others, but they only use that inspiration as a jumping off point to discover their own genius. That’s what you’re going to do, right?

Awesome. Now it’s time to get to the hard work: actually creating content. Some people love creating content but others absolutely despise it. That’s ok.  You don’t have to create content if you don’t want to; you can totally hire that out to someone like me. But your business does need a steady stream of content creation.

Looking to others for inspiration is one way to get started. We’ve created a free download for you to spark creativity and get the ideas flowing.

Download: Spark Your Creativity

Those 10 ideas should give you a great head start. But if you find yourself still struggling, reach out for help. I'd love to get you started with some fabulous content ideas with a Power Hour session. 

About the Author Jenn Robbins

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