How I tripled my email list with the WTF Challenge...

(And no, it does NOT involve

spending hundreds of $$ in ads)

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What the Funnel Challenge on 

Monday, May 24th at 2pm Central


Ever hear someone brag about how fast they grew their email list and wonder how the heck that happened? 

Aka, you're wondering just how much they spent to get those new subscribers, am I right? 

It's true, A LOT of people out there like to scream about how giant their list is...but they don't tell you that they spent $3,000 to add 300 subscribers.

That's the dirty little secret so many marketers keep. Sure, their lists are giant now and they're selling their bite-size, tiny, pocket offers daily...but they're barely breaking even at the end of the month. 

You see, it's easy to talk about how fast your email list grows when you have a budget to blow on targeting, retargeting, and whatever other terms are thrown around the FB ad world right now. 

But what if you could grow your email list and set yourself up for a successful launch WITHOUT having to pull a bank job to pay for it? 

On Monday, I'm going to share how I tripled my email list with the WTF Challenge. 

On Monday I'm share how I took  from “my email list is so tiny what’s the point of trying?” to “I gotta upgrade my account, thanks new subscribers!”

No really, I literally had to upgrade my ActiveCampaign account!

Ok, so you're going to share details. Why call it a debrief?

Good question! I have a 3-part process of working with funnels. It starts by defining goals, audience, and offers. Then it's all about developing copy, tech, and putting it all together. Finally, the often overlooked debrief! 

Lemme make it real clear what I'm talking about: 

So that's why this is a debrief!

I'm going to be sharing actual stats and numbers so you can see what worked and what didn't...and maybe even borrow some of my ideas! 

Well, that...and it's perfect for people who maybe didn't have time to participate in the challenge (or even sign up!). Consider it the Cliff's Notes version of the entire week!

But what are you actually talking about, Jenn? I need deets. 

  • How this challenge differed from the other times I ran it (what tech I changed, what strategy shifted, etc)
  • How many people actually showed and participated (not just signed up and pulled a Casper)
  • Why I chose to run the challenge RIGHT NOW instead of any other time (gotta work that strategy, baby!)

Say no more, I wanna a seat at the Free LIVE Debrief. 

Get it on yo' calendar:

2pm Central on 5/24/21

(that's 12pm Pacific, 3pm Eastern)

No, I need to hear more. Like, is this ALL about you? 

Nope! The first 30 minutes is the debrief. It's where I break down the who, what, why, when, and how of my list-building funnel (aka, the What the Funnel Challenge that ran 5/17-5/21). 

The last 30 minutes is ALL ABOUT YOU.

It's your chance to come in with questions about your own list-building funnel OR the ideas you have for an upcoming launch and get live expert feedback. 


That's right:

free expert feedback on your funnels. 

  • Want my eyes on the lead magnet (aka freebie). you've been working on? You've got it -->
  • Struggling with your welcome sequence? Bring it with you on Monday! I'll take a look --> 
  • Dying to ask a question and get some real transparent answers? I'm here for ya -->

I'm in for the Free LIVE Debrief!

Who's the Funnel Debrief for?

  • Anyone who skipped out on the challenge because they were too busy
  • Challenge participants who were active and want additional feedback 
  • People who signed up for the challenge with the best of intentions but life had other plans and they didn't get to participate 
  • Anyone who just wants the abridged version of how a list-building funnel can change YOUR business quickly 

Wait, maybe you want to know who I am first? 

I'm Jenn Robbins, the funnel fixer! 

I'm the “oh shit…I need help now! girl who swoops in to sort your marketing mess into three simple, high-converting funnels (yes, you only need three!) that you can use to create profitable launches. By clarifying your funnel strategy, analyzing your data, refining your offers, and creating copy that puts sales on autopilot, you’ll be able to focus on serving your clients and living the life you’ve been dreaming of. 

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