It’s easy to get overwhelmed by social media. You focus on your Facebook strategy and then the algorithm changes. You work hard in your Instagram feed and then the format changes. And don’t forget about Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, SnapChat…and there will be something new tomorrow!

Before you get overwhelmed and give up, remember this:

You can do anything, but you can't do everything.

It's exhausting to try to keep up with all the social media. Unless you are a social media manager (or hire one), you won’t be able to do it all. And even social media experts aren’t experts in all the channels! It is simply impossible to know and do it all.

So stop trying to!

You can use any social media you want, but you can't use all of them. There's always going to be a shiny new social media service on the horizon, and it doesn't hurt to try the new ones out. If Facebook Live videos appeal to you, go for it! But if the idea of live video makes your skin crawl, don’t bother.

So how do you decide?

First think about what social media channels YOU enjoy. Where do you spend your time? Which apps do you have to check first thing in the morning?

Next, think about what social media channels your Ideal Audience uses. (Not sure who your Ideal Audience is or where they hang out? You need to check out this post.) Are they mostly Facebook people? Do they live for SnapChat filters?

Now see where the overlap is. That’s your sweet spot! Those are the channels where you should be. What if they are all EXACTLY the same? That’s ok. Just pick your very favorites.

Find what works for you and focus your time and energy there. If you're a photographer, artist, or some other super visual person, then Instagram may be best for you. Able to be super witty in 140 characters or less? Spend your time on Twitter.

If you're not sure what works for you or your business, just try a few out. It doesn't hurt to test the waters. But remember: you can’t do everything! If you aren’t getting traction somewhere and you hate having to post there, let it go and move on to something else. Just remember to go where your audience is.

About the Author Jenn Robbins

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