What the Funnel?! Challenge

5 Days to Grow Your {Email} List...

and keep it growing! 

(Yes, even with everything going on right now.)


  • Build a much-needed runway to give your next launch the space to gain speed, take off, and reach the stars — or the goal of your choice!
  • Create an eager-to-buy audience who actually want to hear from you — no more screaming into the void of social media.
  • Position yourself as an authority in your industry by making your brand more visible, and building that know-love-trust factor with your audience one email at a time.
  • Stop wondering or worrying if you're doing it right. Get all the need-to-know lowdown on list-building funnels in this 5 day challenge.

Join the #WTFunnel Challenge

Go from “my email list is so tiny what’s the point of trying?” to “I gotta upgrade my account, thanks new subscribers!”

Look, I’m not here to promise that you’re one funnel away from a six figure launch.

But I can promise that creating a list-building funnel will give you an incredible ROI on your time and money. This is the kind of funnel that you actually can set + forget (though I always recommend tweaking and adjusting). This is the kind of funnel that leads new people down the rabbit hole of your business. This is the kind of funnel that prepares you for the next freakin' decade, ok? 

  • Launching a course, program, or even a service in 2021? Start growing your list NOW to set future you up for success.
  • Hear the rumor that email is dead? FALSE. 99% of us are checking our inboxes daily — that’s prime real estate, baby. 
  • Funnels do NOT have to be an icky, spammy, #brotastic marketing tool. Done right, they are the best tool to grow your business without you having to hustle nonstop.

Stop waiting for the right time to grow your email list! 

The right time was yesterday (or 3 years ago), but the next best time is today.

It doesn't matter if you're starting with zero, 100, 1k, or even 10k subscribers on your list. We all need to be actively list-building if we want to succeed in the online world these days. There are #noexcuses anymore. 

But here's the thing. 

Funnels have a bad rep these days. People think they need this super slick, overcomplicated, expensive funnel to be effective. But it doesn't have to be like that. You can create funnels with feeling, funnels that are simple automated ways of creating and building relationships. 

That's what we're gonna be talking about during the What the Funnel?! Challenge September 14-21st. 

When you sign up, you'll get one email a day with a video explaining the day's challenge. Each day will cover an element of your list-building funnel, as well as juicy advice on how to actually put it in action. 

AND you can join the challenge Facebook Group to ask questions, get support, and enter to win a sales funnel review valued at $749!  


We're kicking off 9/14 — you in?

Who's the challenge for?

  • Course creators  — looking at you, members of Amy's DCA!
  • Service providers — calling all copywriters, graphic designers, or anyone who sells services online
  • Online business owners — run an online business but don't consider yourself a course creator or service provider? Yup, this challenge is for you, too!
  • Anyone looking for a way to make the most of this challenging time — it's tough out there for business owners, let's make the most of the downtime!

Created by Conversion Copywriter + Sales Funnel Strategist Jenn Robbins

Ready to pop the champagne?

That's what I do every time a new client signs their contract — which happens a whole lot more once you have a stellar list-building funnel in place. 

I'll be sharing all the funnel secrets I use for my clients in this free challenge, and I hope you'll join me on 9/14!

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