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The What the Funnel?! List-Building Challenge is over...but you can still learn how to grow and building your list-building funnel with...

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Styling Your List-Building Funnel

Get support building your list-building funnel for only $297!

Looking for help getting that list-building funnel up and running?

The Styling Your List-Building Funnel Workshop

offers the next step of support to ensure you actually put what you've learned into practice. 


With TWO 90-minute workshops...

These two workshops (with time in between for implementation) will dive deeper into how to actually write the copy, set up the tech, and share your list-building funnel with the world. Plus there will be time for hot seats to have your copy  reviewed, your tech questions answered, and brainstorming on how to get the word out about your genius new offer. 

  • Each 90-minute session will happen on Zoom
  • Sessions will be recorded and available to rewatch
  • Audio from sessions will be offered as a private podcast to listen to at your convenience

All that for only $297 

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You missed out!

Stop waiting for the right time to grow your email list! 

The right time was yesterday (or 3 years ago), but the next best time is today.

It doesn't matter if you're starting with zero, 100, 1k, or even 10k subscribers on your list. We all need to be actively list-building if we want to succeed in the online world these days. There are #noexcuses anymore. 

But here's the thing. 

Funnels have a bad rep these days. People think they need this super slick, overcomplicated, expensive funnel to be effective. But it doesn't have to be like that. You can create funnels with feeling, funnels that are simple automated ways of creating and building relationships. 

That's what we talked about it in the What the Funnel Challenge. And this is your chance to build on what you learned there. 

Look, I’m not here to promise that you’re one funnel away from a six figure launch.

But I can promise that creating a list-building funnel will give you an incredible ROI on your time and money. This is the kind of funnel that you actually can set + forget (though I always recommend tweaking and adjusting). This is the kind of funnel that leads new people down the rabbit hole of your business. This is the kind of funnel that prepares you for the next freakin' decade, ok? 

  • Launching a course, program, or even a service before the end of the year? Start growing your list NOW to set future you up for success.
  • Hear the rumor that email is dead? FALSE. 99% of us are checking our inboxes daily — that’s prime real estate, baby. 
  • Funnels do NOT have to be an icky, spammy, #brotastic marketing tool. Done right, they are the best tool to grow your business without you having to hustle nonstop.

In other words? A list-building funnel is your chance to grow your audience and build relationships without having to spend hours a week on cold outreach or hundreds of $$$ on Facebook ads. 

Style Your List-Building Funnel Workshop is Coming Soon

Session 1 will be on June 8th

Session 2 will be on June 29th 


  • Two 90-minute Zoom sessions that are one-part training and two-parts hot seat, meaning YOU get to get the answers you need
  • A private audio feed to listen to the recordings at your convenience. (Plus you'll have the video recordings as well!) 
  • Time in between sessions to GET SH*T DONE <-- when you have a deadline before the second session, you're more likely to actually put your plan into action

Join the Workshop for only $297 for a limited time

Go from “my email list is so tiny what’s the point of trying?” to “I gotta upgrade my account, thanks new subscribers!”

No, really! I've had students in my full program see their email list go from a couple dozen to a couple thousand within weeks just from one list-building funnel.  

Here's what people had to say about the FREE challenge I run...imagine how much more I can offer in a paid workshop?

Created by Funnel Strategist + Conversion Copywriter  Jenn Robbins

Ready to pop the champagne?

That's what I do every time a new client signs their contract — which happens a whole lot more once you have a stellar list-building funnel in place. 

Get the support you need to get your funnel up and running for only $297 with the Style Your List-Building Funnel Workshop!

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