What if you could start growing your list today...

Without wasting hours of precious time and

spending $$ you don’t have?

The What the Funnel?! List-Building Toolkit offers you step-by-step training PLUS the resources you need to get a list-building funnel up and running in less than five days...

and for only $49, it's a total steal! 

Ever had someone tell you that you need to build your email list?

Yeah, I’m sure you have. It may have even be me that said it. ‘Cause here’s the deal. Your list is more important than ever, no matter what kind of business you have. 

Businesses that have been online for years are now competing with those brick & mortars who have resisted the Internet with all their might, thanks to the events of the past year. 

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, ok? We’re experiencing an entirely new world, and there’s room for all of us...but it’s still important to keep growing your list, because that’s how you’re going to truly be able to reach people right now. 

So how do you do it? 

By creating a list-building funnel. 

Easier said than done, right? That's about to change.

I know I’ve had countless people ask me questions like...

"Jenn, where

do I even start?"

"What do I do when

someone signs up?"

"Do I really need


And I get it! It can feel SO OVERWHELMING when you don't know how to even get started. 

What if you could get your hands on actual timeline to help you figure out what steps to take? And maybe also take a look at an online-business dictionary to help you understand what people are talking about when they throw out acronyms like PPC, SEO, and ESP. 

What if we also threw in a lead magnet idea generator, a resource list (so you can know what your options other than ClickFunnels are!), and a few copy secrets? 

Sound good? 

Welcome to the
WTF List-Building Toolkit

You get all that PLUS a 15 minute training video to help you really understand WTF a List-Building Funnel is and how these tools will get new subscribers coming in hot...and actually becoming buyers. 

The WTF List-Building Toolkit is exactly what you need to stop spinning out and start growing your list...in five days or less. 

Special Offer! Get this crazy value-packed toolkit for only $49!

How does the Toolkit work?

By solving some of your biggest problems, the WTF List-Building Toolkit helps you overcome the obstacles in your path and get you building your list-building funnel ASAP. 

Problem: You don't have a list...

Or maybe you do, but you're ready to go from “my email list is so tiny what’s the point of trying?” to “I gotta upgrade my account, thanks new subscribers!”

Problem: You don't even know what a funnel is...

I got you, boo. A funnel is an automated way of building a relationship. But don't worry, we'll cover that in detail in the training you get with the toolkit. 

Problem: You don't know what systems to use...

There are SO MANY platforms out there promising to help you make all the $$$, and they charge you the big bucks to do it. Find out which ones are really worth your hard earned dough.

Problem: You have no idea how to write copy... 

While we cover the funnel basics in the toolkit, if copy is your Achilles Heel, you can upgrade to the bundle get my copy templates to make writing that landing page + emails a breeze.

What's the word on the street about the toolkit + templates?

I asked Jenn to help me with creating a funnel for a new lead magnet and product offer.  She gave me just the creative and technical direction I was looking for.  Her comments on my work helped me take my concept to the next level. My opt in page converted at 82%!  I so appreciate her input, support and feedback. It was just what I needed. I can’t wait to work with Jenn again. Many thanks again, Jenn!

- Jennifer B Gardener

Founder, Roamhowl Creative


I’m the type of person who has no clue what I’m doing or why but I want to learn so I can duplicate it if I want/need to until I’m bringing in the revenue to hire it all out, so it was perfect! The templates were easy to use, and it was such a relief to have a map to follow. Thanks for making funnel building a breeze!

- Monica Burgat

   Founder, The Freedom Guild

So tell me Jenn, what's in this toolkit?

Good question! You've got access to 6 can't miss PDFS + a 20 minute video training, including...


The List-Building Funnel Timeline9 Steps to a Bigger List

Discover the 9 super easy steps you need to take (and the order to follow) to create an effective list-building funnel. *Spoiler Alert: it's going to take WAY LESS TIME than you think.


The Lead Magnet Idea Generator54 Types of Lead Magnets to Grow Your List

Not sure what kind of lead magnet (aka freebie) to offer your audience? This Lead Magnet Idea Generator will help you decide which one would be best for your biz, your audience, and your funnel. 


What the Funnel?! Comes Next?Your Funnel Map

Wish you had a literal map to follow, so you would know what comes next when you're building your funnel? Just call me Shimmer. (Or Shine. Or for those without kids, just the Genie will do.) This is the exact map to follow as you create your list-building funnel. 


What the Funnel?! Do I Really Need?The Must-Haves, Nice-to-Haves, and Best Resources List

You know that question I get asked all the time: "Do I really need ClickFunnels?" Well, the answer is revealed in this Resources List, along with what my favorite email service provider is, and what other software and systems I actually use in my business—and recommend to my clients. 


Talk Business to MeJenn's Online Business Dictionary

Ever feel like Joey Tribbiani in that encyclopedia episode of Friends? You know, the one where all his friends are talking about things that he doesn't understand? Odds are, you have. Because there's something of a secret language that online business owners have. And the secret is that half the things you don't understand, you actually do...the other person just calls it something different. Turn to this dictionary to help you figure out how to speak the same language, finally.  


6 Kick Ass Copy SecretsEveryone Needs to Know Before Writing a Single Word

Sure, creating a funnel is all well and good...but what if you have no idea how to write copy? This guide will reveal the big 6 secrets everyone needs to understand before they start writing copy for their list-building funnel — or for anything, really. 


What the Funnel?! TrainingFifteen Minutes to Finally Understand WTF a Funnel Is

This training video will walk you through what a funnel is, why you need a list-building funnel, and how you can use this toolkit to help you create one in five days or less. This training has helped dozens of entrepreneurs get their funnels up and running, and bringing in bank for their business. 

Who's behind this thing?

Jenn Robbins, Funnel Queen*

As a conversion copywriter, I support established women business owners with high-converting sales funnels, eye-popping website copy, and solid strategy and coaching — getting them the qualified leads, subscribers, and sales that get they need to keep and grow their business, even now. 

*Just to be clear, I didn't call myself that ;) But I'll take it and wear it proudly, just like my daughter's pink and silver plastic tiara.

How did I create this toolkit?

After years of working with incredible clients, I realized that all of this knowledge could be condensed into a toolkit to make it easier for everyone to start building their lists with a simple-yet-effective funnel!

Here's what a few of those amazing clients had to say about working with me...


She comes up with better concepts than I would on my own. Her work allows me to stay present with my audience while she does the heavy lifting with the copy.

She's a mega star writer and I'd book her while you still can. With her level of talent she won't be available for long. Thank you Jenn for taking my launches to the next level!

Sage Polaris

Launch Strategist to the Stars


Preparing for a launch can be time-consuming, and I didn’t have the time to write the email sequence for our launch. Jenn was a pleasure to work with and provided such engaging, intelligent copy that we didn't even need to edit on our side!


Everything was laid out and organized extremely well and her communication was fantastic. If you’re looking to up your copy game and work with an expert, she’s your girl.

Natalie Ellis

CEO, BossBabe

Ok, so here's the deal. You have a choice to make. 

You can keep thinking about growing your list, wondering what your next steps are. Or you can commit, right now, to doing it.

The only thing standing between you and a bigger email list (and ultimately, a bigger business!) is $49. The price is right...if you're ready.

WTF List-Building Toolkit

Training + PDFs to get your funnel up and running ASAP


  • 15 Minute Training Video
  • Funnel Timeline + Map
  • OB Dictionary + Idea Generator
  • Copywriting Guide + Resource List




100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 7-Days

Look, times are hard, I get it. You don't want to buy something that you could've downloaded for free somewhere else. (Trust me. I once paid $27 for a Google Doc with 54 "ideas" for newsletters. That ish should've been a blog post.) 

So if you download the Toolkit or Bundle and think you didn't get the value promised, hit reply to your sales confirmation email and I'll refund your money within 7 days. 

Need a little help from a friend?

You'll get it when you join the Flexible Funnels Facebook group! I'll be in there weekly to help anyone who buys the WTF Toolkit (+ Templates!) work through any problems they have coming up with ideas, using the templates, or just dealing with the whole concept of funnels. 


Got Qs? I got As...

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